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How IT Leaders Can Tackle Workflow Challenges with No-Code

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Duration: 40 mins + Q&A

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Why APAC’s leading Microsoft supplier added Flowingly to their tech stack.

Only 37% of organisations completed all the IT projects asked of them in 2020. With ever-increasing demands and little-increasing budgets, how are IT teams meant to deliver?

Find out how the rhipe group, APAC’s leading Microsoft distributor, utilises a combination of no-code (Flowingly) and low-code (Power Automate) workflow automation to build scalable processes as they grow.

Join Tash Robb from rhipe and Sean Wallace from Flowingly as they discuss ways to combat both people silos and data silos, where businesses go wrong when they approach workflow and how to achieve rapid automation without draining your IT resources.

    You’ll walk away knowing:

    • Common, impactful use cases for workflow – everything from simple sales approvals to incident reports and Capital Expenditure requests.
    • Where IT teams should be involved with workflow, and where Line-of-Business fits in.
    • Best practice on tackling automation, from the process to the workflow to the integration piece.
    • How to reduce both data silos and people silos.
    • What the workflow automation tech spectrum looks like, from no-code to low-code to RPA.

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