Workflow Software for Enterprise

Get your organisation flowing with the most user-friendly workflow automation platform on the market.

Flowingly for Enterprise provides secure business process automation that integrates seamlessly across your entire business.

From implementation to security, we are on hand to make your experience as seamless as possible.


Flowingly employs world class, best practices, security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, privacy controls and systems to protect the integrity and availability of our customer’s data and systems.

Built for Enterprise

From hundreds of staff to hundreds of thousands, Flowingly has been designed to meet the needs of enterprise. Anyone in any team can be assigned permission to start, collaborate, approve and design your business processes. Manage users directly in Flowingly or setup and sync from your corporate directory.

Security, stability and scalability are deeply ingrained in everything Flowingly does. The enterprise-level benefits of Business Process Automation as a Service (BPAaaS) will greatly improve the productivity and compliance of your internal and external processes.

Additionally Flowingly, our service providers and clients are regularly audited to ensure adherence to global security, privacy and compliance standards.

SOC2 Type I Certified
Flowingly adheres to the five “trust service” principles: availability, confidentiality, privacy, processing integrity, and security.

HIPAA BAA Compliant
Flowingly provides Business Associate Agreements to protect contractors and companies working in the Healthcare industry.

GDPR Compliant
Flowingly systems are fully compliant with all GDPR regulations, for organisations operating both in Europe and around the world.

Data Sovereignty
Flowingly protects and respects all data and its binary digital formats, subject to the laws of the country in which it is stored.

Defence in depth

Flowingly’s robust security system protects your organisation’s greatest assets – your processes, intellectual property, and customer data. Both active and reactive security layers combine to delay, frustrate, and deter threats as they happen.

Access management
Builds clearance levels into every project to manage what information employees can access.

DDoS security
Industry-leading denial of service and authentication tools protects against volumetric attacks.

Product security
Expert engineers weave protection, reliability and data integrity into every step of the project.

Single Sign On
Give users a seamless login experience. Flowingly accommodates Active Directory (including ADFS & Azure), LDAP, G Suite, and custom SAML-P.

Data encryption
Protects users with hashed and salted passwords, and encrypts all data both, while it’s stored in transit.

Incident response
Establishes rigorous processes to mitigate and minimise breaches should any occur.

Security monitoring
Combines machine learning and realtime monitoring to manage security threats faster.

Vulnerability management
Automates vulnerability tests to regularly scrutinise all projects and platforms for susceptibility.

Mapping & automation. Driven by line-of-business.

See why others are turning to a beautifully simple platform to improve their own processes, in their own time.

Flowingly is a leader in Asia Pacific Business Process Management on G2

You’re in good company

Proud to be driving digital transformation globally.

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