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Before Flowingly:

Before bringing on Flowingly, IT&C faced significant process and communication challenges that were hindering their operations and growth. Inefficient workflow processes, lack of standardisation, and limited transparency make collaboration difficult. Complex customisations and regulatory issues in the Government sector added complexity, while scalability was a pressing concern. 

With Flowingly:

Since using Flowingly, IT&C’s processes have transformed. The company achieved ISO9001 certification, standardised operations, and documented workflows, ensuring compliance across sectors. The results have been impressive, with streamlined processes, improved project management, and heightened client satisfaction. Flowingly has played a crucial role in facilitating IT&C’s growth strategy, enabling the smooth integration of acquisitions while maintaining uniformity and efficiency. 

How Flowingly helped IT&C to achieve ISO9001 certification and conquer complex workflow challenges. 

In this customer story, we explore how Flowingly was used to:

  • Reduce procurement process times for Education clients by 30% 
  • Achieve ISO9001 certification, the highest level of compliance and standardisation 
  • Increase the efficiency of acquisitions, supporting IT&C’s growth strategy

The Organisation

IT&C, Intellectual Technology & Communication, is a dynamic Technology Solutions Provider with a strong presence in Education, Government, Corporate, and SME sectors.  

Their core mission is to empower organisations with cutting-edge technology solutions, enhancing efficiency and adaptability. They offer a wide range of services, including managed services, to cater to the diverse needs of their clients. 

We spoke to Neil Modi, Business Development Manager at IT&C about their journey towards ISO9001 certification and future-proofing their processes to aid their business growth.

The Challenge

Before implementing Flowingly, IT&C was grappling with a range of challenges that were consistent across the various sectors they served. One of the most pressing issues was inefficient workflow processes.

Their manual processes, especially in procurement and project management, were overly complex, creating a roadblock to delivering prompt solutions to their clients.  

Another significant challenge was the lack of standardisation. IT&C didn’t have a uniform approach to handling different projects, which made it difficult to ensure quality and meet the specific needs of clients efficiently. Without standardisation, they found themselves reinventing the wheel for each new project, which not only consumed valuable time but also made quality control a tricky endeavour. 

Collaboration was yet another pain point. IT&C’s teams were distributed, and communication with clients was often disjointed. The absence of a centralised platform for project management and communication made transparency a distant dream.

This lack of transparency frequently resulted in miscommunications and, in turn, project delays. Moreover, handling customisation for corporate and SME clients was a complex ordeal, and managing the unique needs of these clients became challenging, often affecting project timelines.  

In the government sector, regulatory and compliance issues loomed large, requiring meticulous monitoring and documentation of processes, which were time-intensive and prone to errors. Lastly, scalability was a critical concern. As IT&C aimed to expand its client base, existing processes were not easily scalable, limiting their ability to effectively serve a growing number of clients. 

The ability to visually map out our processes was a game-changer. This feature allowed us to identify bottlenecks, streamline workflows, and ensure efficiency in our operations, irrespective of the sector we were working in.

Neil M, Business Development Manager at IT&C

The Solution

Flowingly emerged as IT&Cs top pick to address these complex challenges. 

With the ability to visually map out their processes, IT&C could identify bottlenecks, streamline workflows, and ensure efficiency, regardless of the sector they were operating in. This visual approach made it easier for teams to grasp processes and adapt quickly, all the while maintaining a high level of accuracy. 

“The ability to visually map out our processes was a game-changer. This feature allowed us to identify bottlenecks, streamline workflows, and ensure efficiency in our operations, irrespective of the sector we were working in.” 

The user-friendly interface was a significant selling point. In a diverse clientele landscape with distributed teams, having a system that team members could readily adopt was paramount. 

Flowingly’s straightforward and intuitive design made it accessible to employees across various skill levels and backgrounds, eliminating the need for extensive training and ensuring that teams could get up to speed quickly. 

Another unique aspect that made Flowingly particularly appealing to IT&C was its local support and being New Zealand-based. Given the complexities of implementing technology solutions, having a nearby team with a deep understanding of the local business environment was a tremendous asset. 

“Flowingly’s local support and being NZ-based were invaluable. Having a nearby team that understands the local business environment is a great asset, particularly in complex tech implementations.” 

This local presence ensured that any challenges or concerns could be addressed promptly, adding another layer of confidence in their technology partner. This local touch allowed for a level of personalised support that went beyond mere technology, fostering a collaborative and trust-based relationship between IT&C and Flowingly. 

The Results

The transformation since implementing Flowingly has been nothing short of incredible for the team at IT&C.  

“The results have been remarkable. Our processes are more streamlined, project management is more efficient, and client satisfaction has increased. These benefits have been consistently realised across all sectors.” 

Their streamlined processes have resulted in a 30% reduction in procurement process times for Education clients. This not only impressed their clients but also boosted the morale and efficiency of their own team members, marking a notable difference in their productivity.  

Now, they could deliver solutions faster and more effectively than ever before, making IT&C a more attractive choice in the education sector. 

Obtaining ISO certification was seen as a valuable step forward for IT&C, especially in the Education, Government & Corporate sector. It lended credibility to the organisation and instilled their clients with confidence that they are dedicated to quality and best practice.

From a procurement perspective, a lot of government and educational institutions require ISO certification as a prerequisite. Achieveing ISO9001 certification opens up new markets for the team and lends a competitive advantage against other providers.

The ISO9001 certification journey has been significantly expedited with Flowingly in the picture. The platform allowed IT&C to standardise processes, document workflows, and ensure compliance—essential requirements for ISO9001 certification.  

The team implemented a comprehensive risk assessment framework and used Flowingly to identify potential vulnerabilities and implement strategies to mitigate them. This has resulted in a reduction in risk incidents, contributing to better service reliability.

“The initial phase involved extensive documentation of processes and procedures. It was time-consuming, but having Flowingly to create key flows that our team could follow ultimately led to a 75% reduction in errors and operational mishaps.”

With compliance and standardisation achieved, IT&C has positioned itself as a provider that not only embraces growth but also champions quality and integrity. 

Flowingly has played a pivotal role in IT&C’s ambitious growth strategy. By enabling the smooth onboarding of acquisitions, they have been able to integrate new businesses seamlessly.  

“Our growth strategy relies on acquiring businesses in the sectors we serve, and Flowingly has been instrumental in ensuring a smooth transition of processes while rapidly expanding our service offerings.” 

This not only ensures the maintenance of uniformity and efficiency but also supports the rapid expansion of their service offerings. By taking this approach, IT&C is well-positioned to evolve and adapt as they continue their journey of growth and expansion. 

In summary, IT&C’s partnership with Flowingly stands as a testament to successful transformation, efficiency, and growth.  

Flowingly’s user-friendly platform helped address longstanding challenges, helping the IT&C team to streamline workflows, boost client satisfaction, and expedite their ISO9001 certification.  

With a 30% reduction in procurement times for Education clients, improved standardisation across the organisation, and efficient onboarding of acquisitions, IT&C’s growth journey is marked by tangible results and a commitment to service excellence.  

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