Automate the process behind the people that keep energy Flowing

Flowingly is the easiest way to transform hundreds of manual processes into consistent, simple workflows

  • Make processes easy to find, follow and repeat
  • Fix problems, inefficiencies and gaps with visual processes and reporting
  • Keep knowledge in house and up to date to make staff onboarding fast and easy

Get your processes out of email and into a no-code process automation & mapping platform.

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Manage tasks and approvals to reduce the email mess

With processes being executed in a mix of informal channels, tasks get forgotten and deadlines missed. Result? Churning staff, upset suppliers and frustrated customers.

With Flowingly you get complete visibility over progress, tasks and approvals. Tasks are complemented with all necessary info to make handoffs seamless: 

  • Automatically distribute approvals, tasks and handoffs by role or team
  • Give customer facing teams visibility across an entire process
  • Users have their own clear to-do lists
  • Send automatic task reminders and manual nudges
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    Accelerating your process & automation journey

    How Todd Energy ramped their process automation 5x in 3 months without a single developer.

    Find & fix poorly designed processes

    Well documented but poor processes are still bad processes. When automated with Flowingly, process reporting shows your bottlenecks and inefficiencies, resourcing issues, and areas for continuous improvement.

    Flowingly’s easy to use, no-code UI then enables business users and champions to respond with process updates that are immediately put into practice – within the time it takes to have a meeting about it.


    Know your knowledge management risks

    Two vital, but often ignored, knowledge risks in the energy sector are:

    • Small numbers of tenured staff that hold a large amount of process knowledge
    • Large numbers of contract and shift staff that need a wide range of process support.

    Tenured staff taking process knowledge with them when they go on holiday or leave the organisation can leave critical functions scrambling to cope. Contract and shift staff can be blocked and slowed down by processes that are hard to find or follow.

    With Flowingly’s ease of use, processes are efficiently captured, automated and kept up to date. These processes can then be shared and embedded in your intranet or knowledge bases

    A clear path to long lasting change

    No platform creates change by itself. It takes preparation, communication and follow through to effectively manage change.

    When you join Flowingly, we become part of your team. Every Flowingly customer gets a dedicated success manager, 24/7 support and a tailored onboarding and training programme.

    More than anything, we’re here to help you succeed at embedding process change and improvement in your organisation.

    Key features & functions for Energy

    Process Automation

    Flowingly revolves around automating the processes that predominately involve human to human interaction – reducing time, complexity, approvals, handoffs and errors to increase effectivenes, efficiency and productivity

    No-code UI

    Drag and drop no-code platform means non-technical teams can build automations with as little as 3-4 hours of familiarisation.

    Teams are empowered to automate at speed, optimise processes on the fly and incentivises continuous improvement

    Digital forms / Public forms

    Does your organisation still have paper, email or PDF forms? Do you have digital forms that capture a submission and nothing else? Flowingly helps you turn forms into action by triggering an instant flow of information, notifications and tasks.

    Integrations including Webhooks, Sharepoint and PowerBI

    Flowingly integrates with your other critical tools so work and data flows seamlessly without interruption.

    Process mapping

    Flowingly is also a process mapping tool to help you document, design and optimise your processes; a visual approach which also applies to automated processes so they’re as easy to understand as they are to create.

    You’re in good company

    Proud to be driving digital transformation globally.


    Todd Energy are using Flowingly and Power Automate to create a process center of excellence, empowering non-technical teams to help deliver automation at scale.


    A Fortune 100 company uses Flowingly to automate 5,000+ process tasks a day for 70,000+ users globally.


    Professional Services

    Flowingly has enabled rhipe to adopt a line-of-business approach to workflow, allowing the teams to rapidly automate and iterate their business processes without developers.


    Local Government

    Glenelg's implementation of Flowingly has allowed them to deliver award-nominated employee experiences and a process center of excellence.


    NMIT transformed manual processes into automated workflows, delivering significant business benefits and risk reduction.

    Food Production

    Kyvalley Dairy are using Flowingly to transform their processes, starting with turning their manual, spreadsheet-heavy Capital Expenditure process into a streamlined, auditable digital experience.

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