Total visibility from supplier operations to log sheets

Flowingly brings together every key task across your business, so you never miss a packaging change or non-conformance report again.

Make the move away from email and paper and take your employee and customer experiences to the next level.

Simplifying and automating complex manufacturing processes

See every task

that you or your team need to action

Standardise outcomes

with consistent processes and clear guidelines for new staff

Ensure compliance

with complete digital records that are updated in real-time

Make sure products hit the shelves on time

Create better digital processes and make sure key tasks are actioned when they need to be. Stop losing key information in email chains and achieve consistent outcomes across the board.

Build automatic audit logs with time-and-user stamping

Use incident routing to quickly record and resolve issues, whether it’s a customer complaint or a log-sheet problem. Automatically record every step taken and build a real-time audit trail.

See where everything is sitting, even across departments

Eliminate unnecessary email threads and progress meetings with live progress updates. See where a supplier onboarding is sitting, who needs to approve your travel request and what still needs to be done to offboard that contractor.

We’ll do it with you

Every business is different and will face unique challenges when it comes to ensuring the safety of their employees and compliance with COVID regulations. With potential fines and changing guidelines, having all your processes and records in one place will ensure your business is in the best position long-term.

You’re in good company

Proud to be driving digital transformation globally.

How Flowingly helped IT&C to achieve ISO9001 certification and conquer complex workflow challenges.

How Todd Energy scaled their rate of automation 7x by adding Flowingly to their tech stack alongside Power Automate.

How Glenelg Shire Council are saving 80+ weeks of admin every year, with a single automated process eliminating 9 weeks of admin.

How SIT went paperless across their finance accounts receivable (AR) processes and removed 1,200+ hours of wasted process admin time.

How automating a single process created major achieved ROI and led to transformational change for one of Australia’s leading dairy organisations.

How a council shifted their processes to paperless and enhanced their customer and employee experiences amidst a pandemic without developers.