Process automation & mapping for councils can be easy!

Councils like Glenelg Shire Council are now saving 80+ weeks of admin time a year with Flowingly

  • Reduce processing time and admin workload by 81%
  • Get the right tasks to the right person at the right time to increase customer satisfaction
  • Give staff and customers complete visibility over who’s doing what and where each process or task is at

Flowingly’s process automation & mapping platform helps councils become exemplars of continuous improvement in local government. Design, deploy and improve automations in as little as 3 hours.

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Flowingly Webinar

A deep dive into Upper Hutt City Council’s automated rates processes.


Get visibility over approvals and tasks by getting them out of email inboxes

Hate being CC’d in irrelevant emails? Flowingly handles task allocation and decision making automatically with clear ownership.

Flowingly takes care of process details for every individual user:

  • Automatically distribute approvals, tasks and handoffs
  • Give customer facing teams visibility across an entire process
  • Users have their own clear to-do lists
  • Automatically send task reminders, and send manual nudges

Customer Story

We spoke to Glenelg Shire Council about how Flowingly has empowered frontline teams to deliver better and faster customer and employee experiences.

How Flowingly automations work

Live your processes, don’t just let them collect dust in a filing cabinet

By moving ownership of automations from IT to business teams, processes that have been unchanged for years are suddenly invigorated and innovated, benefiting employees and customers alike.

When process gaps and pains are identified, the process automations are immediately updated by the teams involved – keeping things up to date and continually improving.

Compare this to a typical process mapping project – a filing cabinet of stale process maps that have few ties to meaningful change

Scale your pace of automation with more accurate results, while freeing up the IT backlog

Business teams can be easily empowered to build and manage their own automations. Details don’t get lost in translation, less time is spent on requirements gathering and reviews, and automations get delivered without ever seeing an IT backlog.

Flowingly’s unique centralised governance means IT can maintain oversight, compliance and control while enabling business teams to work at pace.

Meeting changing expectations

Local businesses in your district are doing everything to meet constantly changing customer & employee expectations, are you?

Flowingly improves customer experiences by helping councils reduce the time it takes to fulfil requests, while keeping them automatically informed with notifications.

Retain and attract staff by ensuring that your workflows and process help them get their most important work done, and spend less time in busywork and admin.

Key features & functions for Councils

Process Automation

Flowingly revolves around automating the processes that predominately involve human to human interaction – reducing time, complexity, approvals, handoffs and errors to increase effectivenes, efficiency and productivity

No-code UI

Drag and drop no-code platform means non-technical teams can build automations with as little as 3-4 hours of familiarisation.

Teams are empowered to automate at speed, optimise processes on the fly and incentivises continuous improvement

Digital forms / Public forms

Does your organisation still have paper, email or PDF forms? Do you have digital forms that capture a submission and nothing else? Flowingly helps you turn forms into action by triggering an instant flow of information, notifications and tasks.

Integrations including OpenCities, Sharepoint and PowerBI

Flowingly integrates with your other critical tools so work and data flows seamlessly without interruption. Integrate with forms providers such as OpenForms and Squiz.

Process mapping

Flowingly is also a process mapping tool to help you document, design and optimise your processes; a visual approach which also applies to automated processes so they’re as easy to understand as they are to create.

Common use cases

headset  Public records requests
flow  Registration of a food business
headset  Staff development & onboarding
user  Approval processes

The future of workflow

Many councils are being bogged down by red tape, paperwork and process inefficiency.

Flowingly puts the power of automation in the hands of your frontline workers, allowing your people to improve their own processes and rapidly create real organisational change.

You’re in good company

Proud to be driving digital transformation globally.


Todd Energy are using Flowingly and Power Automate to create a process center of excellence, empowering non-technical teams to help deliver automation at scale.


A Fortune 100 company uses Flowingly to automate 5,000+ process tasks a day for 70,000+ users globally.


Professional Services

Flowingly has enabled rhipe to adopt a line-of-business approach to workflow, allowing the teams to rapidly automate and iterate their business processes without developers.


Local Government

Glenelg's implementation of Flowingly has allowed them to deliver award-nominated employee experiences and a process center of excellence.


NMIT transformed manual processes into automated workflows, delivering significant business benefits and risk reduction.

Food Production

Kyvalley Dairy are using Flowingly to transform their processes, starting with turning their manual, spreadsheet-heavy Capital Expenditure process into a streamlined, auditable digital experience.

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