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Transitioning From Promapp to Flowingly with Waitomo District Council

Curious about making the transition from Promapp to Flowingly? Don’t miss this exclusive webinar where Saeed and Abin from Waitomo District Council will guide you through their journey.

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Duration: 45 mins

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We’re joined by Saeed Jouzdani (CIO) and Abin Alikunju (IT Business Analyst) to gain insights into why organisations are choosing to switch from Promapp to Flowingly, learn what to expect during the migration process, and discover effective change management strategies.

Additionally, understand the common differences between the two platforms and how to navigate them seamlessly.

Join us for the webinar, where you will learn:

📝 The nitty-gritty of exporting from Promapp and importing into Flowingly

👍 The benefits of transitioning to Flowingly

📄 Practical strategies for successfully managing the transition process

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