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How to transform a manual process into an automated workflow in just 30 mins


You’ll learn how to:

🤔 Quickly wrap your head around an informal, undocumented process

🏗️ Build out an automation

👍 Test & launch the automation to your organization

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Duration: 40 mins + Q&A

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How to reduce admin time by 81% by automating your processes in Flowingly.

Flowingly’s simple process automation finally makes it economical and easy to turn your vital but informal processes into clear, consistent and trackable automations.

In this webinar we’ll use the example of an ‘Employee Exit’ process – a process that doesn’t happen too often if you mainly have full time employees but becomes quite important and common when you have contractors and temporary staff.

We’ve all heard stories of devices that never get recovered, software licenses being paid for years, and logins remaining active.

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Flowingly Webinar

How Upper Hutt City Council are transforming their processes from paper to digital, one afternoon at a time.


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