Introducing Flowingly Mapping Pro: Disrupting the Process Mapping Industry with Budget-Friendly Licensing

by Oct 25, 2023Press Releases

Flowingly is thrilled to announce the launch of an exciting new product offering, Mapping Pro. Hitting the market in October, Mapping Pro is designed to make process mapping more accessible by addressing the rising costs associated with this critical business software. 

In recent years, the demand for efficient process mapping and automation tools has surged worldwide. However, the costs associated with mapping software have often made it difficult for public-sector organisations with limited budgets to access the tools needed for operational improvement. 

“For years we’ve had people come to us with stories of sudden price raises, high 5-figure prices and no decent entry-level solutions. There just weren’t any great solutions out there at a reasonable price” said Sean Wallace, Director of Product & Partnerships at Flowingly.   

Mapping Pro, the latest addition to Flowingly’s product offering, aims to bridge this gap by offering a mapping-first licence tailored to meet the growing need for mapping solutions. 

Mapping Pro offers an economical alternative to comparative software, without compromising on the product’s quality or functionality, helping businesses of all sizes harness the power of effective process management. 

“The high costs of process mapping software have been a significant barrier for many organisations, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises,” said Sean. “With the launch of Mapping Pro, we are making a bold move towards democratising process mapping by offering a budget-friendly licensing option that enables more businesses to take control of their processes and drive efficiencies.” 

Key Features of Flowingly Mapping Pro: 

Mapping-First Approach

Mapping Pro focuses on empowering organisations with a mapping-first strategy, offering an introduction point to Flowingly’s process improvement suite. The plan also allows you to add automated workflows, giving teams the ability to automate high-volume processes at a low cost.

Affordable Pricing

Flowingly Mapping Pro is designed to be cost-effective, featuring a transparent and accessible pricing structure. For the Flowingly team, pricing transparency is a key point of difference with a commitment to having no hidden costs, and no vomit-inducing price raises on renewal.


Mapping Pro is adaptable to your organisation’s growth. As your business expands, you can easily scale your process management capabilities with Flowingly, without incurring significant additional costs.   

Flowingly is on a mission to enable businesses of all sizes to enhance their operations through streamlined processes and automation. The introduction of Mapping Pro is a pivotal step towards this goal, making process management software more accessible and affordable. 

Mapping Pro is set to launch in October, and interested organisations can visit Flowingly’s website to learn more and take advantage of a free trial. With Mapping Pro, Flowingly is poised to redefine the landscape of process mapping and automation software, ensuring that organisations of all sizes can achieve operational excellence within their budgetary constraints. 


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