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“Early adopters are saving 60-70 mins per process run and they are loving it.”

Jemma D, Glenelg Shire Council

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“Flowingly has enabled Skill Hire to rapidly develop and implement workflows that optimise our business operations…”

David R, Skill Hire

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“While still learning I was able to quickly create two workflows in Flowingly, which were used 210 times in the first three months, across 11 different countries.”

Tash R, rhipe

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“Anyone, not just IT or technical-minded individuals can be building flows to improve efficiencies within their team and they get that payback straight away.”

Steph R, Todd Energy

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Flowingly is a leader in Asia Pacific Business Process Management on G2

Process Mapping

Flowingly’s intuitive and collaborative process modelling and mapping capabilities will transform your business processes into online experiences teams love.

Empower your teams to take responsibility for their own processes and unlock your improvement potential.

Workflow Automation

Utilise automated workflows to increase collaboration across departments and deliver exceptional employee and customer experiences.

Flowingly’s unique One Click transforms process maps into simple-to-use automated workflows, empowering your team to get work done.

Process Intelligence

Report on, monitor and continually improve your process maps and automated workflows with easy to use “drag and drop” process intelligence capabilities. 

Analyse the way your processes flow across teams and departments and identify areas for cost, efficiency and experience improvements in real time.

User-friendly business process & workflow software

See why organisations worldwide are using Flowingly.

Flowingly is a leader in Asia Pacific Business Process Management on G2

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