Workflow automation with native process mapping

With fully featured process mapping, Flowingly enables you to understand and improve your processes better than any other automation platform.

  • Easily map, update, publish and share your organisations processes
  • Interactive and engaging maps with rich content videos, images, attachments for each step
  • Easily transition from map to automation with one click

You're in good company

Don’t overcomplicate it

The cost of enterprise mapping tools can swallow a significant percentage of your limited software budget. Flowingly gives you all the rich, interactive features of an enterprise process mapping solution without all the expensive add ons. Don’t pay outrageous amounts per process, support tiers or extra features.

One Platform, One Price

Process Mapping & Automation

Map and optimize with clarity

No other workflow automation alternative offers your organization the same process clarity as Flowingly. See every process with a clear visual structure rather than a mess of indecipherable steps.

Even when using other automation tools, Flowingly’s mapping capabilities offer the opportunity to clarify and improve a process before investing in automating it – preventing garbage-in, garbage out that plagues so many improvement initiatives.

Dust-proof process maps

How many months of effort and thousands of dollars have been spent stuffing filing cabinets full of process maps for them to just sit around gathering dust?

Flowingly’s one-click from process map to process automation means a process map is only the beginning, not the end. Teams are empowered to continuously improve on and update the processes they use day in day out.

Simple drag & drop UI

No learning curve here – if you know how to draw a flow chart you know how to build easy to understand processes in Flowingly. Just drag & drop flexible mapping components that you can move & connect the way you want.

Flowingly’s process mapping allows you to keep a clean high level map and add as much complexity and information inside each task within an interactive map. Maximise your map readability as well as the completeness of information.

Collaborate and empower

Keep all process feedback in one centralised place, with the ability to tag colleagues and collaborate on the fly. When workshopping a process, keep everyone in the loop by tagging them into updates, asking questions of others and highlighting changes.

Enterprise features without the cost

Convert Map to Automation

Transform your map into an automation template with just a click. From there, just build out the forms, decision steps and more to transform what was once a static map into an active workflow.

Rich Process Detail

Enrich processes with interactive detail; a video, image, text or task list can help readers better understand the detail behind a process step. Use the format that suits your readers best for more effective knowledge sharing.

Publish Anywhere

Place your maps where your audience already operates – export as a PDF, embed as an interactive map or link straight to the map itself. Flowingly process maps integrate with your Sharepoint instance or other intranet environments. 

Save Time With Templates

Start with a selection of built in templates for your organisation and industry or build quickly from scratch.

You’re in good company 

Proud to be driving digital transformation globally.


Todd Energy are using Flowingly and Power Automate to create a process center of excellence, empowering non-technical teams to help deliver automation at scale.


A Fortune 100 company uses Flowingly to automate 5,000+ process tasks a day for 70,000+ users globally.


Professional Services

Flowingly has enabled rhipe to adopt a line-of-business approach to workflow, allowing the teams to rapidly automate and iterate their business processes without developers.


Local Government

Glenelg's implementation of Flowingly has allowed them to deliver award-nominated employee experiences and a process center of excellence.


NMIT transformed manual processes into automated workflows, delivering significant business benefits and risk reduction.

Food Production

Kyvalley Dairy are using Flowingly to transform their processes, starting with turning their manual, spreadsheet-heavy Capital Expenditure process into a streamlined, auditable digital experience.

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