Celebrating Flowingly’s $4.5m Fundraise!

Celebrating Flowingly’s $4.5m Fundraise!

Celebrating Flowingly’s $4.5m Fundraise!

A letter from the CEO

Last week we announced that Flowingly had secured an incredible $4.5m in funding, led by GD1 and Icehouse Ventures.

While this is great news for us as a business, we’re actually way more excited for what this means for our customers.

At Flowingly our goal has always been to enable front-line employees to map, automate and improve their own processes without coding or IT support.

This new investment will allow us to expand the Flowingly product and vision to new markets, allowing organizations worldwide to rapidly transform their processes and create process champions from their employees.

It’ll also help us build up our team, which will in turn improve our product offering. We’ll be able to release even more features faster than ever and make significant improvements to the Flowingly experience.

A true no-code solution

I founded Flowingly in 2016, while searching for a workflow automation solution.

Most of the mid-market solutions I found required heavy IT ownership, with IT teams solely setting up and maintaining organizational workflows. Many of these platforms were also big, clunky legacy solutions which were impeding true agile process automation efforts.

I needed something different. An agile, no-code tool I could build powerful workflows in without a team of developers.

That’s how Flowingly came about.

After years of working on and self-investing in the product, we finally managed to create a product we were proud of.

As a team, we’ve always had a strong belief in the power of company-wide workflow automation and process improvement.

Your people are your greatest asset and the people who use your processes every day – why not give them the tools and the support they need to improve the way they work?

We’ve seen this vision resonate with organizations from smaller mid-market businesses to a Fortune 100 company.

Process improvement and automation shouldn’t be limited to enterprise organizations.

At Flowingly our goal has always been to enable front-line employees to map, automate and improve their own processes without coding or IT support.

Jon Kalaugher

CEO & Founder, Flowingly

Creating a new category

Two things were essential to us when developing the product.

Firstly, it needed to be user-friendly. If organizations were going to create process champions and citizen developers out of their staff, the tool needed to be easy to use. We needed your HR managers, your Heads of Finance and your CIOs to be able to jump in and get started. That’s why we went completely drag and drop.

Secondly, we wanted to create a truly no-code experience. No-code for us meant no rules, no developers, no knowledge of code languages. At all.

This has meant we’ve been able to help mid-market businesses around the world transform their old, manual ways of working into modern digital experiences in as little as 30 minutes.

It has also helped empower front-line employees to create and improve their own processes.

We’ve seen a rates officer at a local council lead the way in fully transforming their financial processes. We’ve seen a waste management company automate over 80 workflows in just 12 months.

The power of process improvement has never been more accessible.

From our team to yours

Once again, a massive thank you to all of our customers who placed their trust in us for their process improvement journeys.

We couldn’t have done it without the support of the teams at GD1 and Icehouse Ventures who are fully backing the Flowingly mission.

To see how you could cut admin and waste out of your processes, get a trial today!

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Overview – 2022 R1

Overview – 2022 R1

Overview – 2022 R1

We’ve levelled up our public forms.

For our first release of 2022 we wanted to focus on improving the public form experience for form builders and users. 

Since a good form can be the backbone of a workflow, making sure our public forms are as user friendly as possible was a definite focus to kick start the new year. 

Big thanks to the teams at Upper Hutt City Council, Smart Environmental, SIT, Glenelg Shire Council for working closely with us on these features! 

NEW – Create custom subject lines for public form submissions

You asked, we answered. 

Previously when a public form was submitted the subject line would be ‘public form submission’. Not ideal when it comes to differentiating submissions. 

Now you can pull data from the form submission itself into the subject line as variables. 

This could be things like a name, an address or even the form submitters favourite dog breed – the possibilities are endless. 

This will save you time, helping you find the exact submission you were after at a glance. 

NEW – Upload files to public forms

We’ve also added the ability to upload files on public forms.  

Now members of the public or non-Flowingly users can submit forms with an uploaded file.  

This might look like photos of hazard submitted on a health and safety report form or a copy of the invoice on a rates rebate. 

The icing on the cake? All the attached files will be visible and downloadable from the completed step tab of the Flowingly runner.  

This will give you a full audit and access to all the files you might need – no more searching through email threads or endless folder structures. 

NEW – Attach documents to public forms

Since we’ve added the ability for your public form submitters to give you more info from the forms, we thought it only fair we allow form builders the same benefit. 

That’s why we’ve added the ability to attach documents to public forms.   

If you’ve ever built a public-facing form and thought ‘I wish I could upload a file to give a bit more context to the form’ now you can. 

Flow builders can now supply files to improve user experiences when submitting forms.  

This could be things like attaching a PDF of your company values on a customer complaint or your COVID-19 policy on a site visitor form. 

To see how you could cut admin and waste out of your processes, get a trial today!

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