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How to Ensure BPM Success with a Minimalist Approach

Crafting clear and effective processes with minimal time and effort.

Rob Maszkowski

Director @Touchstone Consulting

Sean Wallace

Dir. Product and Partnerships @Flowingly

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Duration: 30 mins

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Process expert Rob Maszkowski from Touchstone Consulting will cover the benefits of a minimalist approach to BPM; the merits of a high-value process strategy over an all-processes strategy; and consider the question “just how prescriptive does a documented process have to be?”.

Oh, and he’ll also throw in fun acronyms, such as “BLUF” and “ABC” to help you construct a killer process that will be the envy of your peers.

Join us for the webinar, where you will learn:

🤔 The power of minimalist BPM and its impact on your processes.

💡 Strategies for prioritising high-value processes and avoiding unnecessary complexity.

🚀 Crafting killer processes using memorable acronyms like “BLUF” and “ABC”.

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