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How Todd Energy Accelerated their Process & Automation Journey

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Duration: 40 mins + Q&A

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How Todd Energy automated 12 processes in 3 months without a single developer.

There are often three major barriers to automating at scale. Lack of resource, high costs and poor stakeholder engagement.

With a lot of automation software requiring specialised IT teams, many businesses struggle to scale their automation efforts due to resource limitations.

And if you were to go external? You could be looking at forking out tens of thousands of dollars for a single process.

That’s why for our upcoming session with Todd Energy we wanted to focus on understanding how smaller teams can achieve success in driving and maintaining automation momentum with limited resource.

    You’ll leave the session with an understand of how to: 

    🤔 Choose the right goals to set yourself up for process automation success

    💪 Take constrained IT resource out of the equation by empowering business teams (and why this is good for your IT teams)

    Use rapid automation to create quick wins, introduce new efficiencies and get your whole organisation behind the project

    📈 Build and sustainin momentum through effective, engaging change management

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