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The Hidden Threat to Your Business: Getting Knowledge Out of Heads and Into Processes

Join Gus and Mike as they delve into the challenges posed by knowledge trapped in heads, showcasing the impact it can have on businesses and the risks associated with relying solely on staff knowledge without proper documentation and automation.

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Duration: 30 mins

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In this power-packed session, we’ll empower you with the tips you need to safeguard your intellectual property, streamline your processes, and establish a single source of process truth.

You’ll walk away from this webinar knowing exactly how to keep your IP from walking out the door when people leave and how to automate processes that won’t fall apart when key staff are away.

During this webinar, you will: 

🔓 Understand the risks and challenges associated with knowledge trapped in heads

🔍 Learn about the key capabilities required to address trapped knowledge

⏱️ Get real insights into how customers have successfully overcome it

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Set your Flowingly instance up in a way that makes sense to your business. Whether it be laying out your workspace to represent your organisational structure, including company branding across templates or creating personal dashboards, anything is possible.


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