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Finding the Resource & Capabilities for Process Automation

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Duration: 30 mins

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Companies chronically underestimate or overestimate their resources & capabilities to support process automation. You can see why – with rapidly increasing expectations and difficulties adding staff, process automation feels like a huge but necessary undertaking.

As a result – companies are either saying ‘no way, we can’t do process automation’ and missing the opportunity or ‘sure, we can do-everything, integrate-everything, all systems in one enterprise’ and end up with a white elephant software purchase and no capacity to succeed.

That’s why for our upcoming webinar we’re chatting with our own Khasha Rafie, VP of Customer Success at Flowingly about how organisations can resource and achieve process automation excellence.

During this webinar, you will learn: 

🚦 What capabilities you need (and probably have) to get started

👨‍💼 How to resource a process automation project

💼 How process automation helps alleviate your resource and hiring challenges

🔎 An insight into a live process automation environment

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