Request Access to Applications

by Process Templates

Many companies run this process informally, often using email. This approach can work with 10 employees in the same office. But what about when you have 100 employees? What if they start working remotely? As soon as your business progresses past being able to swivel your chair to talk to the admin of the application, you need to develop a proper request process.

1. Select the Required Applications Initiator

It’s common for remote employees to suddenly find that they no longer have access to something they regularly used in the office. Luckily, in the age of cloud-based applications, accessing software from anywhere is easier than ever. The first step of this process is for the employee to highlight what they need access too. Bonus tip: this step also works really well when onboarding a new employee, you’d just have it as a step for their manager.

2. Set Up XYZ Accounts Various

When companies run this process informally using email, things get missed. By having a full list of services in a single place, life is made far more simple for the employee and the IT team supporting them.

The great thing about using workflow software to process these requests is that it directs the request down the right channel instantly. No more “Hey Sam, do you know who the admin for Slack is?”.

3. Login and Go! Initiator

The final step of this simple process is for the employee to check that your logins all work. Have them mark off that they’re all logged in and ready to go.

This is an excerpt from Flowingly’s latest process guide, Essential Processes for Remote Work.

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