Release Notes – 2020 R2

by Aug 7, 2020Release Notes

Our most recent release of Flowingly signifies a huge upgrade to the Process Mapping capabilities of Flowingly. Let’s have a look at some of the highlights:

Map UI

Interact with Steps directly from the Runner! Using the new map interaction features, users now have the ability to see at a glance exactly what is required at every stage of a process. This means you no longer have to open up each map, just click and drill-down!

This makes for easier navigation and access to the exact Procedures, Policies and Work Instructions that sit within a process.

Process Details

Ever wonder who the owner of a process is? Or need a bit more context around the purpose of the process?

You now have the ability to add more details into a process summary. The following fields can now be edited by admins and accessed by users: 

  • Process Owner 
  • Process Review Date 
  • Background 
  • Objective 
  • Input 
  • Output

Document Attachments 

Need to include the latest SOP or Policy within a process map or workflow? The new Attach Document field in the form builder allows you to do exactly this. 

Simply attach as many documents as you need.  

By having the ability to add documents as well as videos, images and hyperlinks to external resources, you can now include everything an employee may require to complete that process.

Additional Improvements

We’ve also made a number of changes to the following: 

The size of the HTML editor within the Modeler has increased, meaning it is now much easier to edit long Instruction fields. 

Hyperlinks within a Step can now be clicked on directly from the Runner. 

Process details can now be accessed through the Edit button in the Modeler. The Pencil has been removed.

Bonus – Make your processes as engaging as possible

With this upgrade Flowingly now has more options than ever to help you build engaging processes.

Making processes and workflows engaging is important to help facilitate staff adoption and develop a strong improvement culture within your organization.

So how do you do that?

  • Encourage staff feedback and collaboration using the Feedback and Comments sections in Flowingly. 
  • Add rich content to your Steps, such as videos, images and screenshots. People are visual, and videos are much more engaging than text. This is really useful especially for staff inductions and training. (Quick Tip – If you want to make videos but don’t know where to start, give Vidyard a go!) 
  • Include helpful instructions within your processes, rather than just plain text. Same as the rich content, having clear headings, sub-headings and bolded text will help your staff digest information easier.
  • Attach or link out to supporting documents. Having a good process improvement culture includes having all the information you need in a centrally accessible location. This means that your processes should include everything a user needs, from policy documents to SOPs.
If you’d like to learn more about how Flowingly can help you on your process improvement journey, get a demo today!