Release Notes – 2019 R4

Sep 18, 2019Release Notes

In our fourth release of 2019, we’ve worked to make Flowingly even more powerful and easier to use. We’ve been hard at work adding and improving features that we know you’ll love.

If you haven’t seen the latest features and performance improvements, here are the highlights of our September release: 


SharePoint Integration

Flowingly forms embedded on SharePoint can now integrate with your single sign on (SSO) to prepopulate fields with a user’s details. This means you can now add a leave request or approval form to your intranet and cut down on hours of tedious form filling. We have even more functionality for SharePoint coming up, and our SSO support will be a game changer.

New Modeler Graphics

Our flow modeler now has a shiny new look. It’s an even cleaner experience to design and build your flows.

Full Special Character Support

We’ve extended special character support to all user-editable text fields. Flowingly can handle everything from a mu to a macron.

Improved Bulk Import

Bulk import now has additional functionality and control for onboarding large numbers of users.

Bug Fixes

As always, we’ve been working hard to iron out any issues and adding small improvements here and there.

If you’d like to learn more about how Flowingly can help you on your process improvement journey, get a demo today!