Flowingly Product Update – Power Automate Connector

by Apr 19, 2024Release Notes

Level Up Your Process Integrations with Our New Power Automate Connector

We’re thrilled to introduce an exciting new update that will enable you to integrate your processes like never before! Say hello to Flowingly’s Custom Connectors – designed to integrate your systems with the Power Automate platform. 

    What’s New? 

    🚀 Custom Triggers for Ultimate Flexibility 

    When a Flow Step is Submitted: Activate Power Automate actions immediately after the submission of a step. This trigger ensures that your processes stay in sync, creating a seamless workflow that adapts to your team’s pace. 

    Example Use Case: Imagine a scenario where your sales team completes a critical step in the pipeline. Instantly, relevant information is shared with your CRM system, updating records and triggering automated follow-up actions. 

    When a Flow Step is Created: Trigger actions based on the creation of a specific step. This provides unparalleled flexibility in adapting automation to the unique dynamics of your business processes. 

    🌐 Seamless Integration for Flow Model Builders 

    It’s never been easier to integrate with third-party applications. Leverage Flowingly step data elsewhere or populate Flowingly steps using third-party data effortlessly. 

    Example Use Case: Picture a scenario where your procurement process involves external vendor verification. With Flowingly’s Custom Connectors, relevant data from your vendor management system can seamlessly integrate with your procurement workflow, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. 

    This update is all about making connecting to the Microsoft tech stack as simple and easy as possible since Power Automate is the world’s most used integration platform. We’re excited to see the endless number of ways team use it to take their processes to the next level. 

    How to Get Started? 

    We’ve crafted comprehensive documentation in our knowledge base that walks you through the setup of these custom connectors, making integration a breeze. Check out the documentation here. 

    You can also check out the full list of connectors available with Power Automate here. 

    The era of limitless automation possibilities is here, and Flowingly’s Custom Connectors are your passport to this exciting journey.