Overview – 2022 R1

by Mar 11, 2022Release Notes

We’ve levelled up our public forms.

For our first release of 2022 we wanted to focus on improving the public form experience for form builders and users. 

Since a good form can be the backbone of a workflow, making sure our public forms are as user friendly as possible was a definite focus to kick start the new year. 

Big thanks to the teams at Upper Hutt City Council, Smart Environmental, SIT, Glenelg Shire Council for working closely with us on these features! 

NEW – Create custom subject lines for public form submissions

You asked, we answered. 

Previously when a public form was submitted the subject line would be ‘public form submission’. Not ideal when it comes to differentiating submissions. 

Now you can pull data from the form submission itself into the subject line as variables. 

This could be things like a name, an address or even the form submitters favourite dog breed – the possibilities are endless. 

This will save you time, helping you find the exact submission you were after at a glance. 

NEW – Upload files to public forms

We’ve also added the ability to upload files on public forms.  

Now members of the public or non-Flowingly users can submit forms with an uploaded file.  

This might look like photos of hazard submitted on a health and safety report form or a copy of the invoice on a rates rebate. 

The icing on the cake? All the attached files will be visible and downloadable from the completed step tab of the Flowingly runner.  

This will give you a full audit and access to all the files you might need – no more searching through email threads or endless folder structures. 

NEW – Attach documents to public forms

Since we’ve added the ability for your public form submitters to give you more info from the forms, we thought it only fair we allow form builders the same benefit. 

That’s why we’ve added the ability to attach documents to public forms.   

If you’ve ever built a public-facing form and thought ‘I wish I could upload a file to give a bit more context to the form’ now you can. 

Flow builders can now supply files to improve user experiences when submitting forms.  

This could be things like attaching a PDF of your company values on a customer complaint or your COVID-19 policy on a site visitor form.