No-Code, No Problem: Upper Hutt City Council Embrace Flowingly Streamlined Automation

by May 16, 2023Press Releases

From Rates to Organisation-Wide: Upper Hutt City Council Expands Flowingly Usage

Upper Hutt City Council has announced plans to expand its use of Flowingly, a cloud-based software that streamlines business processes and boosts collaboration across departments. The council initially used Flowingly for its manual rates processes when New Zealand went into lockdown, as they needed a fast way to automate their processes and ensure they could run them from home. The rates team were quickly impressed with the software’s simple workflow modeller and the impact it had on process visibility.

Due to the success of the rates team’s implementation, the council has now decided to begin expanding its usage organization-wide. With its business-led automation capabilities, Flowingly has enabled the council to streamline their rates processes without relying heavily on IT resources. The software’s no-code interface has made it easy for everyone to adopt and use, with the future goal being for Upper Hutt to have business team champions across a range of departments being trained up to automate their own processes. 

While still in the very early stages of their expansion, the team at Upper Hutt are optimistic, “we’re eager to expand our use of Flowingly across the organisation,” says Kate Thomson, Director of Finance, Risk and Digital Solutions at Upper Hutt City Council. “We’re hopeful that it will achieve our goals of improving the customer experience for our community and making internal processes more efficient.” 

And it’s not just Upper Hutt City Council who’s thrilled with the news. Jon Kalaugher, CEO of Flowingly, is just as excited about the expansion. “We’re thrilled to see Upper Hutt City Council have made the decision to expand their use of Flowingly across the organization and their commitment to delivering better experiences for their employees and customers,” he said. “We look forward to continuing to support Upper Hutt City Council in their journey towards streamlined business process management.” 

 Upper Hutt City Council’s decision to expand its use of Flowingly demonstrates its commitment to innovation and excellence in business process management. The council is setting an example for other organizations to follow, and we can’t wait to see the continued positive impact of Flowingly’s implementation.

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