Fortune 100

Running over 5,000 tasks a day for 70,000 users around the globe.

“We’re delivering enterprise-level business process management through a secure, user-friendly platform.”

Ivan Wood, VP of Technology, Flowingly

Like many enterprise-level organisations, this Fortune 100 business found themselves in a situation where they needed a workflow tool that was powerful enough to run thousands of complex processes at once, whilst also being so easy to use that every single member of their workforce could utilise it.

After assessing many different solutions Flowingly was chosen due to its unique mix of user-friendly features, simple logic and focus on data security.

Change management was a key part of the implementation. With 70,000 users to load into the system it was vital to break the implementation down stage-by-stage. By loading 10,000 users a month, they rolled the new process out to specific business units and locations independently, with minimal impact on the day-to-day operations of the organisation as a whole.

“With over 70,000 users we needed to make sure adoption was as seamless as possible.”

Training such a large number of users on a face-to-face basis was not realistic, so all learning was delivered on a self-serve basis. The intuitive design of Flowingly became obvious with the rapid increase of workflows being built and run. Adoption was quick, and soon enough over 10,000 tasks were being completed on a daily basis.

With implementation and adoption complete, the organisation is now empowering their employees to build flows of their own and transition paper-based processes into digital workflows. Not having to rely on the IT department to hard-code the processes into a traditional BPM tool has been a game-changer for the workforce, with more and more teams taking ownership over their processes.

Success Stories

Driving digital transformation at public and private sector organizations globally.


Golden Homes manage all construction projects through Flowingly, delivering enhanced business visibility.


A Fortune 100 company uses Flowingly to automate 5,000+ workflows a day for 70,000+ users globally.

Professional Services

Harper Digital utilize Flowingly to deliver exceptional customer service and automate and manage their projects.


East Gippsland Shire Council use Flowingly to map and automate workflows, delivering a central system of record for all processes.


Mallee transformed manual processes into automated workflows delivering significant business benefits and risk reduction.

Central Government

Te Puni Kokiri are driving a digital transformation by automating key business processes on the Flowingly platform.

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