Flowingly – March Release Notes

by Apr 2, 2024Release Notes

Get ready to explore the latest updates and enhancements in Flowingly with our March 2024 Release Notes!

We’re thrilled to introduce exciting new features and improvements designed to elevate your workflow management experience. From seamless process map linking to enhanced sharing options and revamped step rules, discover how these updates empower you to streamline your processes with ease.

What’s New?

Process Map Linking 

Our latest update is about to redefine how you visualise and navigate your processes – introducing Process Map linking! Connecting processes and navigating seamlessly between them has never been more accessible. 

Link any published process maps together by using components to allow for seamless navigation between processes. Read more here.  

Process Map Sharing & Embedding 

We’re excited to announce an exciting new feature that will help process maps more collaborative and accessible.

Sharing your process maps has never been easier, whether it’s with your team, externally with partners, suppliers or contractors, or embedded on external websites. Read more here.  

Step Rules Overhaul 

While the base functionality of Step Rules remains the same, we have increased the scope of Step Rules to allow for multiple rules per step and multiple actions per rule. Read more here.  


Simplify your workflow and process map dashboards through the use of sub-categories. Create a hierarchical structure up to 3 levels deep. Read more here. 

Other Release Notes (March 2024) 

  • Process Maps as components not updating links when published. 
  • Categories not showing names on Reports page intermittently. 
  • Public Map showing access error message while clicking steps. 
  • [Library Page] The status “Published Public” should be retained when a public process map is edited. 
  • Show public link and embed code as disabled. 
  • Inconsistency while trying to update a Process Owner. 
  • New Category not visible without refresh. 
  • Maps page giving time out issue. 
  • Flow Model with deleted Category breaks reports page. 
  • Category displayed is the first one instead of the actual category during editing, if there are duplicate names. 
  • User Reference Fields to Have Email Id in Webhook Message. 
  • Update step fields action not updating the value for the type of currency. 
  • Added Flowingly logo to login screen.