Flowingly – April Release Notes

by May 2, 2024Release Notes

Get ready to explore the latest updates and enhancements in Flowingly with our April 2024 Release Notes!

We’re thrilled to introduce exciting new features and improvements designed to elevate your workflow management experience. From our powerful Power Automate connector to team notification updates, discover what’s new with the product this month.

What’s New?

Power Automate Connector

It’s never been easier to integrate with third-party applications. Leverage Flowingly step data elsewhere or populate Flowingly steps using third-party data effortlessly. Read more here. 

Team Email Notification Settings 

We’ve added a new option when it comes to notifying users of their tasks in Flowingly. If a team works out of a shared mailbox you can now ensure notifications are only sent to the shared mailbox instead of each user individually. Read more here. 

Other Release Notes (April 2024) 

  • Fixed issue where steps incorrectly had two Logo fields. 
  • Fixed issue where Option List mapping didn’t work in all scenarios. 
  • Updated datetime fields to include locale information, facilitating later conversion to UTC. 
  • Date and Datetime now formatted without time zone. 
  • Fixed inconsistency in sorting Process Maps. 
  • Deleted Flow Models no longer showing as reportable. 
  • Webhook data for child Flows does not include Flow Identifier. 
  • When the date field is optional, an offset value is applied even if no date is selected. 
  • Fixed issue where Step Tasks could not be added to a step.  
  • Fixed issue where required date field prevents Step submission if conditionally hidden. 
  • Added the comments section from a Flow to be available as variable in Custom Email body. 
  • Saved step form with date values in the format ‘D/MM/YYYY’ is not submitting. 
  • Fixed issue where Lookup Fields were not working with decisions. 
  • Fixed inconsistent access permissions with shared process maps.