Enterprise ready business process automation software

Flowingly Enterprise provides secure business process automation that integrates seamlessly across your entire business.


As an Flowingly customer, you will benefit from a software and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive businesses.

Data Sovereignty

Complete control over where your enterprise data is stored. Flowingly has data centers worldwide and can ensure your enterprise data storage requirements are met.

Single Sign On

Give users a seamless login experience. Flowingly accommodates Active Directory (including ADFS and Azure), LDAP, G Suite (Google Apps) and even custom SAML-P.

Flowingly: Built for Enterprise

From hundreds of staff to hundreds of thousands, Flowingly has been designed to meet the needs of enterprise. Anyone in any team can have permission to start, collaborate, approve and design your business processes. Manage users directly in Flowingly or setup and sync from your corporate directory.

Security, stability and scalability are deeply ingrained in everything Flowingly does. The enterprise-level benefits of Business Process Automation as a Service (BPAaaS) will greatly improve the productivity and compliance of your internal and external processes.

Additionally Flowingly, our service providers and partners are regularly audited to ensure adherence to global security, privacy and compliance standards.

Get your business flowing

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