Customer Story

How a digital marketing agency avoided the process and admin challenges that often plague startups.

Utilizing workflow automation to self-serve customers and reduce processing time. Harper Digital empower their staff to take ownership of their processes, leading to high adoption rates and business-wide process improvement.

We spoke to Juliette Moore, Director of Harper Digital, to understand how Flowingly helped them implement first-rate workflows in the chaotic world of startups.

In this article, we explore how a digital marketing agency used Flowingly’s workflow automation to:

  • Understand where workflows are sitting in real-time
  • Manage the flow of work throughout their organization
  • Ensure critical information doesn’t go missing in email inboxes
  • Increase their productivity by reducing admin burden
  • Achieve consistent outputs

The Company

Formed in 2016, Harper Digital was the brainchild of Juliette and Matt Moore. With over 20 years’ combined experience in managing the online presence for Small to Medium Businesses, they had a good idea of what it would take to go out on their own.

The Challenge

Juliette and Matt knew from experience that poor processes and admin issues can be fatal to startups.

Over their 20 years in business they had seen their fair share of poor processes. They needed to make sure that the processes at Harper would be a strength, rather than a hindrance to their success.

As a small business, it was important that they worked smarter, not harder. Coming from a digital background, Juliette knew that they could utilize technology to manage a lot of the heavy lifting around their workflows.

“We’ve improved productivity, provided better customer service and have full visibility across teams & workspaces.“

Juliette Moore, Director of Harper Digital

The Solution

After evaluating many different business process and workflow automation solutions they eventually chose Flowingly for its ease of use and visibility.

“We love the ease of use, absolutely anyone on our team can build/publish processes and the adoption rate is really good.”

said Juliette

Without a dedicated BA or Business Improvement team, they needed a tool that they could manage with their current resource. The defining reason for Juliette and Matt choosing Flowingly was that as the senior leaders, they required the ability to map and automate the workflows that would form the core of their business. They didn’t want to be taking up the workload of their technical teams with change requests.

Ease of use came to the fore early in the piece. Utilizing the simple drag-&-drop builder, the team at Harper Digital quickly began to build out processes relevant to each department. Adoption rate was rapid, with everyone in their team seeing the benefit of mapping and automating their workflows.

After addressing their internal processes, Harper Digital turned to the customer experience. In the service industry the customer experience is essential to business success. Putting themselves in the shoes of their customer, they mapped out the ideal customer service experience and worked that into their processes. From there it was a matter of automating their workflows to give their customers a professional, timely experience with consistent results.

The Results

As a result of automating their workflows with Flowingly, Harper Digital have achieved the following:

  • A culture of process improvement has been embraced. Staff are constantly looking for better ways to do things.
  • They are tracking process progress in real-time, meaning tasks are kept on track and delivered on time.
  • Productivity has increased, with many of their repetitive, manual tasks now managed by Flowingly.
  • They have been able to quickly identify any bottlenecks within their processes and work towards remedying them.
  • The end-result is becoming more predictable and consistent for both Harper Digital and their customers.

“We’re now delivering really flexible customer & staff experiences with Flowingly.”

said Juliette.

B2B customers can have extremely high service expectations. With Flowingly in place Harper Digital are able to manage both internal and customer-facing processes, increasing the productivity of their staff.

With key learnings on hand, Harper Digital has proceeded to enhance their customer workflows, freeing up their sales team from time-consuming admin tasks and allowing them to focus on growing the customer portfolio.

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