Flowingly or Visio?

A collaborative, engaging mapping platform vs. a diagramming tool.


Ability to automate processes and maps

Collaborative, engaging space

Extensive reporting and measurement with bottleneck identification


Limited to creating process diagrams

Inability to collaborate on process
maps and diagrams

Minimal reporting and inability to measure
results or processes

Why It Matters

Automation allows businesses to action processes rather than just documenting

Collaboration creates higher engagement and user adoption in the organisation

Reporting helps identify process problems before they can impact your business

 You’re in good company

Join leading businesses in adopting digital transformation through process mapping today!


Flowingly helps you create a collaborative, engaging space for all your processes and workflows. With the ability to add procedures, policies and work instruction behind any step.


Microsoft Visio is a basic diagramming and charting tool. Due to its static nature and lack of collaboration features, Visio diagrams tend to sit in a folder never to be looked at again.

Flowingly is more than diagramming

Encourage Collaboration

Tag teammates, leave comments, share processes and track version history.

Keep it Simple

Keep your process maps simple and easy to understand. No sprawling messes of line and tiles.

All in One Place

Processes, policies, procedures, instructions. Everything you need in one central location.

Here to Help

Our onboarding and success teams are with you every step of the way.

Made for Everyone

Flowingly is for the whole business, not just your process improvement team.

Document, then Transform

Take a process map and automate it seamlessly. Manage approvals, track tasks, highlight bottlenecks.

3 reasons Flowingly is the best Visio alternative

Encourage Collaboration

True process improvement can’t happen without involving those who know your processes. Visio is a tool built for process teams, without the end-user in mind.

Flowingly encourages user feedback and collaboration. If they see a gap in a process, or a possible improvement, they can leave feedback for the process owner and others to see. Processes have review dates and can have either one or multiple editors.

Knowledge Transfer

Visio charts are often just a tick in the box. People come together, agree on the process, build an overly complex map and then save it in some obscure folder somewhere, never to be accessed again. Knowledge transfer = complete.

With Flowingly, both seasoned and new employees alike will have their own process dashboard where they can find all processes relevant to them. They can access process maps, procedures, policies and work instructions to help them in their day-to-day.

Doers, not just documenters

Documenting current and desired states is great. But sometimes that doesn’t offer much comfort to your employees who are drowning in their day-to-day.

Flowingly will help you no-matter your process goals, be it automating manual tasks, upgrading the employee experience, increasing company efficiency or improving knowledge transfer.