Flowingly or Checkbox?

Work with a company that cares about all their customers, not just the big fish.


Dedicated customer success manager
for all customers

Process mapping built into the platform

Clear pricing indicator available on website


Dedicated customer success manager
for top pricing tier only

No process mapping capability

No pricing transparency until demo
or trial is booked

Why It Matters

Success programs accelerate adoption
and ensure long-term effectiveness

Not all processes can be automated,
mapping is for improving those that can’t

Understanding total cost and return can help businesses make an informed decision

 You’re in good company

Join leading businesses in adopting digital transformation through process mapping today!


Flowingly is a no-code, complete process platform, giving you the ability to build eForms, automate workflows, run SLA reports and document all your processes. We offer a personalised experience for ALL our customers, with 24/7 support and a dedicated local success manager.

Checkbox is a workflow automation and document generation platform. It provides the ability to build digital forms and workflows using formulas and rules. There is no process mapping functionality and success managers are limited to the top tier, while pricing is hidden until a demo is requested.

Flowingly makes it easier

Map + Automate

Map, document, automate, integrate and report with Flowingly.

Here to Help

Our onboarding and success teams are with you every step of the way.

The Right Analytics

Utilise simple canned reports and advanced custom analytics.

Visual Building

Give your users a workflow they can understand at a glance.

24/7 Support

On top of your dedicated success manager, you’ll have access to 24/7 phone, chat and email support.

Knowledge Transfer

Reduce IP loss with easy documentation and knowledge transfer.

3 reasons Flowingly is the best Checkbox alternative

Industry-leading help

For some people, support means 9am-5pm Monday to Friday via a chatbot. For us it means every customer has a dedicated success manager, and every user has access to our support team every minute of the day via phone, chat or email.

What Flowingly customers love the most is the personal touch. Your onboarding and succession manager will work as an extension of your team. From sharing knowledge, giving tips on best practice, aiding with your rollout and even building workflows for you.

The complete platform

Don’t limit yourself to eForms and workflows. Kissflow is focused on automation and integration. With Flowingly you have the ability to extract knowledge from your workforce using process mapping and documentation.

Reduce IP loss through engaging process documentation and make it easier on yourself by not rebuilding workflows every time an admin leaves the organisation.

A simple understanding

Thanks to the visual interface, Flowingly makes it easy to for users to understand your processes and workflows at a glance. Understanding the process is as simple as following the steps, without needing to look up any AND/IF rules and formulas.