Guides on how to build workflows from our expert process team.

Key Processes for Food Production

Actionable workflows to help you dramatically improve your employee experiences and increase compliance.

Creating a Culture of Process Improvement

Starting your process improvement journey is a huge step towards business improvement. You’re on a journey that will have an enormous impact on the efficiency, culture and fortunes of your company.

Key Processes for Local Government

Each of the 3 processes within this guide take 30-60 minutes to build. By deploying these, you not only improve the customer experience, but also free up time for your teams to spend on value-adding work.

eBook – Essential Processes for Health & Safety

Looking to upgrade from paper Health & Safety forms and incident reports? Our latest playbook gives you the processes needed to keep your employees safe at work.

35 processes you should be automating right now!

A quick list of processes that can be automated in hours. Without developers. Without code.

Automate these and you’ll be humming.

Processes for 
Human & Resources v2

Imagine the cost and time savings that could be achieved by improving and automating HR processes.

We have taken some of the most commonly used, and refined them into efficient, automated workflows.

Processes for Finance

We asked our process experts to dig into the issue and breakdown critical finance processes that can help companies immediately. This book covers the small and frequent processes as well as processes you might struggle to find documented anywhere else.

Processes for Construction

Companies in construction face many process challenges, including managing moving parts, quality assurance, health & safety, compliance etc. Of the many industries we work with, they tends to be one that benefits greatly from process improvement.

Processes for Remote Work

Remote work is a hot topic right now. With many companies moving or planning to move to a remote workforce, here are a few processes that can help with the change.

Processes for 
Human Resources

More-so than many other departments, HR teams have a lot of repetitive processes to go through. This means that inefficient processes quickly add up to a lot of wasted time. Imagine the cost and time savings that could be achieved by improving on and automating these processes.