Flowingly or Nintex Promapp?

A complete mapping, automation and integration platform vs. a process mapping tool.


Ability to map and automate processes

Advanced reporting and visibility over task progress, SLAs and bottlenecks

Affordable to scale across the business

Nintex Promapp

Limited to mapping processes

No ability to see how processes are tracking
or make process improvements
Significant pricing increases without product changes

Why It Matters

Automation allows businesses to action processes rather than just documenting

Reporting helps identify process problems before they can impact your business

Makes automation and process mapping software more accessible 

Why Glenelg Shire Council chose Flowingly over Power Automate

Jemma Dillon, Business Analyst at Glenelg Shire Council shares why they ultimately decided to go with Flowingly, when compared with Power Automate and Nintex Promapp.

 You’re in good company

Join leading businesses in adopting digital transformation through process mapping today!

Flowingly will help you DO as well as DOCUMENT. As a complete no-code process platform ranging from mapping and documenting through to automation and integration, Flowingly is designed for teams who want to improve the state of things. With e-Forms, checklists, routing, reminders, To-Do lists, SLA tracking and advanced analytics.

Nintex Promapp is a process mapping system, designed for documenting and mapping processes in an engaging manner. Their tool provides easy-to-understand process maps and simple document management. With Promapp you can understand how the process should run, but not track progress, SLAs and bottlenecks.

3 reasons Flowingly is the best Promapp alternative

Doers, not just documenters

Documenting current and desired states is great. But it doesn’t offer much comfort to your employees who are drowning in their day-to-day.

Flowingly will help you no-matter your process goals, be it automating manual tasks, upgrading the employee experience, increasing company efficiency or improving knowledge transfer.

Task management

Flowingly is a process platform with your employees at its core. We know that tasks are key to keeping a company moving. Flowingly allows you to automate as many tasks as you can, and make the remainder easier for you to track and stay on top of.

With automated reminders, deadlines, personalized To-Do lists and submission tracking. Promapp is made up of static processes, so it does not have dedicated task management.

Bottleneck identification

Understanding how your processes are running in real-time is crucial to making improvements.

Flowingly’s comprehensive overview of SLAs and bottlenecks gives you visibility of your issues and helps you make the right changes. Promapp requires anecdotal evidence to identify process problems.

“We investigated other solutions on the market and the point of difference was in the customer succession program. Flowingly’s competitive edge is not just the technology, but the supporting customer onboarding initiatives which sets it apart from traditional SaaS based offerings.”

Matt Purves, CIO, RMBL Investments

Flowingly is more than documentation

Automate your Processes

Anyone can build their own forms and workflows with no coding skills.

The Right Analytics

Utilize both canned and custom analytics to track SLAs and bottlenecks.

Document, then Transform

Take a map and automate it within the one system. No messy transfers, no confusion.

Task Management

Automate repetitive, manual tasks and help your employees focus on quality work.

Here to Help

Our onboarding and success teams are with you every step of the way.

Rapid Deployment, Low Maintenance

Deploy workflows in hours, not weeks. Make updates and improvements in minutes.

Case Study - Upper Hutt City Council

We spoke to Kristen Scoble, Senior Rates Officer at UHCC, who shared how Flowingly enabled the rates team to improve their own processes and shift to a paperless model.

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