Struggling with the scalability, build cost and governance of Power Automate?

Flowingly is a process mapping and workflow automation platform:

  • Automate business processes 5-8x faster for unbeatable ROI
  • View, analyse and optimise your automations just like a process map
  • Empower teams to automate their own workflows with a no-code UI
  • Maintain oversight with central governance and control

Trusted by 100,000+ users at innovative companies globally

Why should I try Flowingly when I already have PowerAutomate?

Flowingly vastly increases the speed at which you can achieve automation, with most of our customers using the two platforms hand in hand.

Create a transformational culture of change by rapidly launching automations small and large with Flowingly, and tackling the big, complex development business cases with PowerAutomate.

Why Glenelg Shire Council chose Flowingly over Power Automate

Jemma Dillon, Business Analyst at Glenelg Shire Council shares why they ultimately decided to go with Flowingly, when compared with Power Automate and Nintex Promapp.

Automate workflows 5-8x  faster with Flowingly.

Solving the challenge of automating at scale and governance

Every automation platform claims to be “fast”, “easy to use” and driven by “citizen developers”. The truth is that most are none of those things.

So while some departments are stuck trying to launch a single process in 6 months, Jonny at Smart Environmental launched 40 process automations in that time using Flowingly. Steph at Todd Energy launched 24. Tash at rhipe launched 26.

They love being able to create real change for their business, and their IT teams love being able to stay on top of governance from a single point of view.

Flowingly makes it easier

No Code

Anyone can build their own forms and workflows with no coding skills.

Rapid Deployment, Low Maintenance

Deploy workflows in hours, not weeks. Make updates and improvements in minutes.

The Right Analytics

Understand process performance and bottlenecks to improve efficiency and productivity.

Business Owned

Accelerate change by involving the business, rather than just the IT team.

Here to Help

Your customer success manager ensures your automation project meets targets.

Knowledge Transfer

Reduce IP loss with easy documentation and knowledge transfer.

3 reasons Flowingly is the best Power Automate alternative:

It frees up IT

Your IT team should be focusing on strategic projects and high-priority initiatives. Not building and maintaining simple workflows. It’s about using the right tool for the job.

Flowingly allows low-to-medium complexity automation to sit with business users. Non-technical users can deploy simple workflows in hours. Workflows that would take a team of developers days to build within Power Automate.

Ease of use

So you don’t have a team of SharePoint developers? Flowingly is designed for you. No code. Drag-and-drop. Simple user interfaces. Canned views and reports.

We believe in keeping things simple so you can spend more time on process improvement, less time on coding and maintenance.

Industry-leading help

What Flowingly customers love the most is the personal touch. From 24/7 support to our personable success program.

Your onboarding and succession manager works as an extension of your team, sharing knowledge, giving tips on best practice, aiding with your rollout and even building workflows for you.

Flowingly Webinar

rhipe – How IT Leaders Can Tackle Workflow Challenges with No-Code.

Mapping & automation. Driven by line-of-business.

See why others are turning to a beautifully simple platform to improve their own processes, in their own time.

Flowingly is a leader in Asia Pacific Business Process Management on G2

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