Flowingly or Nintex?

Pay less and deploy faster, without needing a team of SharePoint developers.


No code required 

Options for medium-sized businesses and enterprise

Affordable and easy to scale pricing


Requires a team of developers to manage

Specifically targeted to enterprise
level businesses

Aggressive price points

Why It Matters

No code allows for rapid deployment and reduces organizational backlogs

 Makes automation and process mapping software more accessible 

Understanding upfront costs can help businesses make an informed decision 

 You’re in good company

Join leading businesses in adopting digital transformation through process mapping today!

Flowingly is a no-code workflow platform designed to support growth-minded organizations. You won’t need a team of SharePoint developers, workflows can be deployed in hours rather than weeks and there are no hidden costs.

Nintex is a low-code workflow platform designed for large businesses. It has powerful features, but they’re let down by aggressive price points and the complexity of the software, which requires a team of developers to deploy and manage.

Flowingly makes it easier

No Code

Anyone can build their own forms and workflows with no coding skills.

Rapid Deployment, Low Maintenance

Deploy workflows in hours, not weeks. Make updates and improvements in minutes.

The Right Analytics

Utilize simple canned reports and advanced custom analytics.

Business Owned

Accelerate change by involving the business, rather than just the IT team.

Here to Help

Our onboarding and success teams are with you every step of the way.

Knowledge Transfer

Reduce IP loss with easy documentation and knowledge transfer.

“We investigated other solutions on the market and the point of difference was in the customer succession program. Flowingly’s competitive edge is not just the technology, but the supporting customer onboarding initiatives which sets it apart from traditional SaaS based offerings.”

Matt Purves, CIO, RMBL Investments

3 reasons Flowingly is the best Nintex alternative

Ease of use

So you don’t have a team of SharePoint developers? Flowingly is designed for you. No code. Drag-and-drop. Simple user interfaces. Canned views and reports.

We believe in keeping things simple so you can spend more time on process improvement, less time on coding and maintenance.

Competitive pricing

In the highly competitive workflow industry, Flowingly is one of the frontrunners when it comes to value for money. We believe in transparent pricing and giving you full access to the features you need, with no ridiculous functionality restraints.

With Flowingly you won’t get stung extra $$$ every time you want to add a workflow, form or user.

Industry-leading help

What Flowingly customers love the most is the personal touch. From 24/7 support to our personable success program.

Your onboarding and succession manager works as an extension of your team, sharing knowledge, giving tips on best practice, aiding with your rollout and even building workflows for you.

Flowingly Webinar

How Upper Hutt City Council are transforming their processes from paper to digital, one afternoon at a time.

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