Golden Homes creates happy homeowners

Golden Homes construction BPM case study

For more than 20 years, Golden Homes have worked with New Zealand families to build new homes. With thousands of very happy homeowners behind them – and thousands more in front of them – digital process automation has been vital to modernise and scale their business. Based in the fast-growing city of Tauranga, they had expanded to the point where it became critical to document, map and improve their business processes.

Through our business every role can become complicated and overlapping, I needed a tool that would bring more clarity and visibility that clearly outlines each others responsibility.

Saint Whatuira, General Manager, Bay of Plenty

After evaluating many different solutions, Flowingly was chosen for its value, visibility and ease of use. Straight away Golden Homes were able to design, model and publish multiple business processes across their company using the visual drag-and-drop modeler. Within days Saint was able to gain complete visibility over all in-progress construction projects. Individual workflows for new builds, variations, maintenance and hazard management within Flowingly provided not only a process map defining the flow model but also insight into how each project was progressing and who was accountable for the next step.

With their core construction activity now running in Flowingly, Golden Homes then worked internally to define and publish key processes across their Sales, Human Resources, Finance and IT departments. With a large number of employees and new contractors consistency is vital to delivering a project on time and budget.

Now we have the ability to provide better training with a system that gives a clear direction in what is expected of that role.

Many things can change during a many months long home build. With Flowingly in place Golden Homes is able to identify trends across projects and make improvements to the process in real-time. With an improved second version of their construction process already live, Golden Homes is making things easier for their staff and also most importantly, the excited new home owners.Golden Homes

Golden Homes and Flowingly

  • 30+ processes designed and published across multiple departments
  • 5,000+ tasks completed in first three months
  • Hundreds of happy